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I’m torn on which phone case to buy so you guys help me.  964 or 962?

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  3. hamsurly said: 62 design I like better
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    yeah normal people wont know what a 962 is, using indie logic its clearly cooler, and i agree.
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    I’m glad
  10. nykwhy said: 62.
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    Looks like the 962 case won basically unanimously lol. Thanks for all the help!
  12. ayegurl said: 962!
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  15. spankowitz said: 962 more colours
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    962. That way when you pick up, you can see it!
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  20. n1ckzes said: THE SIX-TWO!!!!!
  21. flat6ix said: 962, like the graphic better. Those are awesome cases!
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    962. Hands down.
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  24. slideordie said: The first one is pretty sick.
  25. maythedownforcebewithyou said: both and switch everyday and tell people you have to iphone 5’s